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BlackJack Glossary

Glossary of the Blackjack

As all the games the Blackjack also have an its terminology, what players and keens must at all know: Find out a few terms together.

Dealer: The croupier that represents the desk.

Jack Black:
Do 21 points with two only papers (ace and figure.)

It is the action one performs when one takes a new paper.
Stay: It is the action performed by the player when he does not take paper.

The case is in which the player, after receiving two papers with the same denomination, decides to divide them in two separate hands.

It is the option the player can choose when the uncovered paper of the dealer is an ace. Through the "insurance some placed" the player assures the possibility of not losing the mail.

Double Down: It is an option particular the player can choose after the distribution made of two papers. With the Double Down the mail doubles automatically and gives a paper automatically discovery

The Blackjack

The Blackjack is One of the loved games of Italian, European and American Casinos.
Even though his maximum popularity knows American Casino moles, the Blackjack draws his origins from the French game of the "21. The present name comes give bonus established in the years Fifty for the players that they had a spade ace in hand together with a jack of spades or flowers.
On both banks of the Atlantic, the myth of the Blackjack still continues today: The studies of the mathematical E. Thorpe to the search of the more favourable combination and the attention of the cinema try it for this charming game. Dustin Hoffman, exceptional player of Blackjack in "Rain Man", even owes an Oscar to the green table.

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The rules of the Blackjack

Purpose of the game
Do 21 or approach him the more possible such score without outdoing him.
Who goes beyond 21 "unpacks", by losing immediately.
A combination formed by an any 10 or figure and an ace, while "21" is the score obtained with three or plus papers tells Blackjack.

The bunches and the value of the papers
The Blackjack plays with five bunches made of papers from 52 papers each. Papers have the following value:

  • Ace: Both 1 and 11 to choice of the player, according to his advantage is worth

  • Figures (King, Regine and Infantrymen:) 10 are worth

  • 2 papers to 10: They respect their facial value.

Development of the game
One plays against the desk, represented by the croupier (dealer.) After the scenographic hand of rite, the banker gives the first hand made of two papers.
To his game turn and his discretion, the player can ask for an or several papers, in the attempt to improve the score, or remain.
While every player can decide some game of its, the dealer must follow the rule that imposes to pull with a score lower than 17 and remain with 17 or more.
When the dealer does BlackJack wins, unless players equalize Jack at their time with a Black. If no one do BlackJack, wins who has the higher score between desk and players.

When the first paper of the desk is an ace, the player can "insure" against the possibility of the dealer to totalize a Blackjack: An equal sum to half of the initial instalment comes dotted; if the desk has BlackJack, placed it will be paid 2:1.


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